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Asbestos cement roofs are still commonly found on commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings throughout the UK and according the UK’s Land Registry, around 75% of all such roofs ever installed remain in place today, even though most are well past their anticipated life expectancy of 25 to 40 years.

The information provided on these pages is supplied by Commercial Property Surveys Ltd, Chartered Building Surveyors, widely recognised as the UK’s leading asbestos roofing specialist surveyors and Asbestoseal Ltd, the only single-part, one coat, purpose made asbestos roof coating on the market.

Common Asbestos Roofing Problems

Roof Lights

Many asbestos roofing issues are actually caused by problems with roof sheets, especially the Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) type, which degrades far more quickly than asbestos cement.

Therefore, it is often wise to replace the roof lights if they are yellowing and you can see the glass reinforcement on the outside.

With time, the GRP sheets become brittle and will once the top gel coat has degraded, can become susceptible to bird attack and cracking, which of course causes leakage.

Replacement of the degraded roof lights will bring significant amounts of light into the building, which can in turn reduce lighting bills.


Guttering, particularly valley gutters on large roofs are a major source of problems on older industrial properties, particularly when routine maintenance, such as cleaning, hasn’t been carried out.

When the gutters become blocked, the gutters can fill up and, particularly where the roof profile closers are not present, the gutter can overflow into the building.

Similarly, if valley gutters have been damaged through trafficking , impact or, in the case of metal guttering, through rust and deterioration, then leaks and their cause should be quite obvious.

In all cases, it is wise to consider these two important areas before considering major roof works – it may not be the roof itself that is causing the problem, or the issues might not be confined just to the roof.

Typical Solutions To Asbestos Roof Problems

Replace The RoofA new roof removes the issue of the asbestos, cures the leaks and will usually carry a substantial guarantee.

Will usually involve upgrading the rainwater goods resulting in more efficient removal of water from the roof.

Adds value.
The most expensive option and only viable in certain conditions on commercial buildings.

Large proportion of cost involves asbestos sheet disposal.

Can be difficult when dealing with occupied buildings.
Over-clad The RoofAdds another layer to the roof and makes it look modern and clean.

Usually solves leakage problems.

Adds value.
Requires planning permission.

Requires expensive insulation.

Raises the height of the building.

Clean & Coat The RoofEase & speed of installation

No building downtime.

Lowest cost option in many cases.
Varying degrees of success - depends on coating chosen.

Confusing guarantees.

Inconsistent results.

Some coatings are only a temporary fix.
Patch RepairsQuick and easy fix to localised problems.

Initial low cost.
Temporary, short term fix.

High cost of health & safety for short term solution.

Will need a continuing programme of repairs.

Costs can over-run significantly.

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