Asbestos Roof Cleaning Video

This Is The HSE Approved “Closed Box”

Asbestos Roof Cleaning is complex and requires a considerable investment in plant and machinery, as demonstrated by our video below.

Cleaning is usually carried out as part of a cleaning and coating process and should not be carried out in isolation without coating afterwards. 

This asbestos roof cleaning video and slide show demonstrates asbestos roof cleaning using the closed box method preferred by the HSE, on a heavily soiled asbestos roof in Sheffield during July 2012.

All waste removed from the roof is collected and filtered to 5 microns, making it safe for the filtered water to be returned to the drainage system.

All slurry needs to be treated and disposed of as asbestos contaminated waste, since the moss removed inevitably contains asbestos fibres.

Roof cleaning should never be carried out in isolation and should only ever be considered as part of a sealing or coating programme, as more aggressive moss growth is likely on a cleaned asbestos roof.

A number of coating / sealing systems are available and we will be pleased to advise on your particular circumstances.

Asbestos Roof Cleaning Video

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Asbestos Waste Disposal Costs

One of the reasons that asbestos roof cleaning is so expensive is because of the very strict licensing of the waste disposal, not to mention the large investment required in plan and filtering equipment.

Trade prices for asbestos waste disposal start at around £170 per ton – it can be more depending on the geographical location – as much as £500 per ton in the Republic of Ireland.

Even a relatively clean roof of say 1000 square metres, will produce around 1-2 tons of contaminated waste.

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