The UK’s Health And Safety Executive has compiled a guide to explain best practice relating to asbestos roof cleaning.

Cleaning an asbestos roof on a commercial property is a specialist job and must not be undetaken by untrained operatives.

We are pleased to include this guide for instant download. To view the HSE’s “Cleaning weathered asbestos cement (AC) roofing and cladding guidance sheet”, please click here.

Please note that the guide covers only asbestos cement sheets and no other type of asbestos. The HSE has a number of guides available for download at their web site at

In all cases, the HSE guidelines supersede any information provided on this web site and should be considered as being the authoritative guide.

HSE Approved closed box method for cleaning asbestos roofsYou will notice that the guide includes mention of a specialist cleaning machine.

Only the most specialised contractors will have access to this type of equipment – it cannot be hired.

Because of the nature of the cleaning process, you should make sure that your contractor not only has the necessary equipment, but also a significant Public Liability insurance.

The nature and size of the cleaning heads also means that in some cases, areas close to the valley gutters on certain roofs cannot be reached and that these areas will require manual cleaning.

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