Asbestos Roof Coatings

Asbestos roofing - Asbestoseal 20 installation

Asbestos roof coatings vary considerably in terms of quality and cost and it is only recently that improvements in coatings technology have allowed us to consider coatings as a viable alternative to over-cladding or roof replacement.

During the past several years, we have examined asbestos various roof coating systems and only one measured up to our own exacting standards. So we bought it and called it “Asbestoseal.”


Asbestoseal is a British made, polymer based, asbestos roof coating that is purpose-made for sealing newly cleaned asbestos roofs.

You will see many different roof coatings advertised on line and in trade journals, but most are acrylic based inferior coatings with little or no warranty.

Some companies offer liquid applied rubber products, but these are unproven and generally only come in black – which heats up a building considerably in bright sunshine.

Here is how this superior asbestos roof coating works:

  • The roof is thoroughly cleaned
  • Roof lights are replaced where necessary
  • Every bolt head is treated with Liquasil Corrosion Treatment to convert and prevent rust
  • All cracks and holes are repaired with the polymer based Asbestoseal repair system
  • Any gaps in sheet over-laps are sealed with the unique, Liquasil Non-Sag Sealer
  • Gutters are cleaned and liquid polymer lined where necessary (Liquasil One)
  • Asbestoseal 20 is applied by airless spray, roller or brush onto each roof sheet



Asbestoseal is the only BBA Approved asbestos roof coating system on the market and is the only one made specifically for asbestos cement roofs.

The Asbestoseal asbestos roof coating system has been designed by building surveyors to tackle ALL of the problems associated with ageing asbestos cement roofs.

The Asbestsoeal system comes with a latent defects, insurance warranty for 20 years when installed by approved installers. No other asbestos roof coating can offer this level of protection as standard.

This is a full, purpose-made asbestos roof coating system invented and manufactured in England.

It is also the only asbestos roof coating on the market anywhere, that is available in any RAL colour.


BBA Approved asbestos roof coating


Not all asbestos roofs are suitable for coating due to delamination and excessive porosity.

Asbestoseal has a number of options that can overcome many of the issues, but if in doubt, we recommend a formal roof survey to determine the condition of the roof sheets and suitability for coating.

The condition of the roof will determine the final cost of the coating project, since poor quality roofs require more product and more labour, which can increase costs.

In some cases, it might even be cheaper to over-clad a roof that’s in poor condition.

To arrange a formal roof survey, please call 0121 711 7110 and speak to one of our surveyors.