Asbestos Gutter Repair

Asbestos cement gutters suffer from a small number of common faults so specifying a permanent gutter repair is relatively straight forward.

When leaks are experienced with an asbestos gutter,, it is often caused by problems with the gutter joints or from the gutters becoming blocked with leaves, moss and other debris.

Over time, leaves, moss and other debris falls into the gutters and blocks the rainwater pipes. This causes the gutters to fill and overflow beyond the height of the eaves closers in valley gutters, causing internal flooding in severe cases. When eaves gutters become blocked, water can often be seen cascading down the outside of a building or inside, if the eaves gutter is situated internally.

When the asbestos gutter is not blocked, but is still leaking, the first place to examine will be the joints in the gutter lengths, which are generally placed every three metres or so.

Preventing Overflows In Valley Gutters

Blocked and leaking asbestos gutterLack of routine maintenance is the most common cause of overflowing gutters. If the roof can be reached easily, regular seasonal gutter clearing will pay huge dividends, as the rainwater pipes are less likely to become blocked and it will reduce the likelihood of requiring a gutter repair later.

Cleaning gutters on high-level buildings is not always possible, so the first sign of any problems is when water is actually coming into the building.

In such cases, it’s advisable to create a weir to the valley gutters, so that when the water reaches a certain level, it overflows externally, providing you with a tell-tale sign that the rainwater are blocked and in need of immediate attention.

Most roofing contractors will perform annual or bi-annual gutter cleaning services at relatively modest cost.

Even lined and new gutters will require this type of regular maintenance, as they can often become blocked within a single season, especially where a building is situated in an area surrounded by trees.

Plygene Gutter Lining

Plygene gutter liner providing a seamless gutter repairWhen the gutters themselves are holed or the joint seals are failing, it might be appropriate to install a lining into the gutter, which is simply rolled out and laid inside the old valley gutter to provide a seamless gutter repair.

As the lining is folded, it simply sits in the gutter supported by its own weight and the weight of any lying water within.

On wider gutter profiles, for example 1 metre wide, clips are used at spaced intervals that hold the lining in place.

The liners are available as custom-made rolls, complete with outlets for rainwater and end stops, once the building has been surveyed.

They also come in varying standard roll sizes according to the width and height of the gutter and are scored to enable easy folding into the gutter profile.

The liner is tucked under the roof sheets and to provide a seamless run along the length of the gutter.

Once lined, the gutter will still need to be cleaned out regularly to prevent debris blocking the rainwater pipes.

Liquid Asbestos Gutter Lining

Asbestos gutter repair using Asbestoseal liquid gutter liner from Liquasil LtdThere are now a number of liquid applied coatings available that can be applied to metal and asbestos gutters to provide a long-lasting, seamless gutter liner.

Asbestoseal liquid gutter liner is hydrophobic, meaning that it actively repels water. Nothing can grow on the surface, so you can say goodbye to moss and lichen growth that quickly blocks other types of liner.

The Asbestoseal liner quickly bonds to the original surface making it completely seamless and leak-proof, being impervious to future damage, unlike the polythene liners which can be punctured by impact.

Asbestoseal is a genuine single-part, one-coat liquid gutter liner that’s suitable for installation into all types of gutters including asbestos cement, concrete, steel, aluminium and even plastic, though in the case of some plastics, an additional primer might be required.

The installation process is simple. First the gutter is cleaned (steam cleaning is best) and allowed to dry.

The metal fixings on each joint are coated with a special rust primer that prevents further deterioration of the fixings.

The joints and any areas requiring patch repair are coated with a Non-Sag Sealer designed to bridge any small holes and cracks and provide a permanent seal, especially on joints.

The entire length of the gutter is then coated with a silicone polymer compound called Liquasil One to provide a permanent, seamless gutter.

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Importance of Gutter Maintenance

Even lined gutters require routine maintenanceIt should be remembered that lining the gutters alone, may not solve all of the problems with overflowing gutters.

The image opposite shows a lined valley gutter that is only 6 weeks old.

The gutter contains a lot of moss and other debris that has been washed into it from the roof during rainfall

Even when gutters have been relined, in cases (like this one) where the roof is heavily contaminated with moss, the moss will always fall into the gutters and cause blockages.

We therefore recommend that heavily contaminated roofs, or those subject to birds nesting, are cleaned seasonally, and certainly prior to gutter lining, to prevent future problems from occurring. As you can see, it takes no time at all for  a newly lined gutter to fill with moss.

More Information on Asbestos Gutter Repair

More information can be provided following a roof survey, which will include suitable, costed suggestions based on your roof and circumstances.

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