Asbestos Roof Replacement

If you have a leaking asbestos roof, a brand new, replacement roof is guaranteed to solve those problems!

In many cases, customers us once their roof has deteriorated to the point that replacement is the only viable option.

But only substantial experience in working on asbestos roofing projects will tell you whether a roof has reached the end of it’s economical or useful life.

If there is any doubt, we can arrange  to conduct a formal, professional survey and prepare a full report on the condition of the roof along with their recommendations for repair or replacement. There is a cost involved for this service, which is conducted through our Chartered Building Surveying practice.

Asbestos roof replacement does of course  have several advantages over other options,  in that a new roof adds considerable value to an industrial or commercial property and increases the chances of letting it for the longer term.

The resultant uplift in rent may help pay for the roof during the course of the lease – assuming you have a decent tenant of course!

Modern roofing materials are made with environmental issues in mind and there are number of ready-insulated, metal composite roof panels available to meet existing building regulations.

These roof sheets comprise 2 skins of metal cladding surrounding a 160mm insulation layer, whilst replacement roof lights are now generally triple skinned to help meet carbon emission targets.

Replacing your roof will almost always mean having to increase the insulation to comply with stricter EU regulations and composite panels should already be insulated to the correct level. You will need to get building regulations approval prior to fitting your new roof and in some cases, planning permission.

There are exceptions to these requirements, for example on listed buildings and for certain farm out buildings.

Generally speaking, unconditioned space, for example a storage warehouse with no heating, should not require additional insulation as long as the building will not be subject to a change of use. Please check with us, as every case is different.

Replacement asbestos roofs are insulated metal profiled
Replacement asbestos roofs are insulated metal profile

For budgeting purposes, allow £80 to £100 per square metre for asbestos roof replacement. The actual cost will vary according to the health and safety / access requirements and of course, smaller roofs do not attract any volume discounts.

What Is The Weight of Asbestos Roof Panels?

We are often asked, “How much does an asbestos roof sheet weigh?” by callers and visitors to this web site and of course, there’s no standard answer, since some sheets are larger than others, but a rule of thumb would be to allow 15kg per square metre for a typical asbestos cement roof roof panel.

This is an important consideration since when you’re considering replacing an asbestos roof, the asbestos disposal company will charge by the kilogram!

As already mentioned, an independent roof survey will help determine whether replacement is your best option and could help save you tens of thousands of pounds by examining cost-effective alternative solutions.

To explore the options available to suit you and your budget, please call us on 0121 709 5352 (Mon-Fri 8am, to 5:30pm).