Asbestos Roof Surveys

Before considering any works to an asbestos roof on a commercial or industrial property, we strongly recommend that a full survey is carried out, as this will help determine the most cost effective and suitable options available to you.

This page contains information about the different types of survey available.

Asbestos Roof Survey Gallery

This is an example gallery from a recent asbestos roof survey.

This type of asbestos roof sheet has a brown factory finish. In this case, the roof sheets are delaminating throughout, even though at first glance, they seem to be in relatively good order.

Our team of building surveyors were able to gain access all around the building, using a telescopic inspection pole and take around 90 images, to compile a survey to assist another practice advising on a potential acquisition of the properties concerned.

Asbestos Roof Inspection Pole & Camera Inspection

Asbestos Roof Drone Surveys

A number of our building surveying team are CAA licensed drone pilots and have extensive experience of conducting remote roof surveys throughout the UK.

A drone survey can be useful to gain an overview of the condition of a roof, but in our opinion, the usefulness of this type of survey is often overestimated.

We find that there is nothing better than being up close and personal, because that is the best way of identifying the faults in asbestos roofs.

For example, early signs of delamination of asbestos cement roof sheets can easily be missed by drone operators, especially if they are not experienced roof surveyors who know what to look for.

Of course, the aerial images and video footage from drone surveys looks a lot more impressive than a portfolio of still photographs, but you could paying a lot money for not a great deal of benefit.

Asbestos Roof Survey By Cherry Picker

Cherry pickers are often used as a means of access that allows the surveyor to get up close and personal to the roof being inspected, without having to traffic surface.

Often, a high reach boom will be utilised, as this enables the surveyor to range over the roof from different access points.

Bear in mind that larger cherry pickers might not be able to access all sides of a building, so the resultant survey might be limited in scope, or restricted to the elevations that were able to be inspected.

The cost of cherry picker hire is usually somewhere in the region of £500 per day or part-day, in addition to the cost of the actual roof survey.

Asbestos Roof Survey Cost

The cost of an asbestos roof survey varies according to the size & complexity of the roof, the method of access and the geographical location.

Assuming that the roof can be adequately inspected from the ground, without the need for a cherry picker, prices start at £550 plus VAT but this will be dependent upon geographical location.

This proce includes a full and comprehensive portfolio of high resolution photographs with a commentary detailing the condition of the roof, along with budget cost options for repair, refurbishment or replacement.

This is an extremely detailed survey and should not be confused with surevys carried out by roofing contractors working to an agenda.

Arrange An Asbestos Roof Survey

To arrange an asbestos roof survey on your industrial / commercial property, anywhere in the UK, please call 0121 711 7110, or complete the brief contact form.

Our expert team of building surveyors are available at short notice to assist with commercial property acquisition, fault identification, fault rectification & roof replacement.

Remember, this is the only way to be certain you are receiving independent, unbiased and qualified advice relating to your asbestos roofing issues.

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