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Did you know that under the terms of the Energy Act 2011, it will become unlawful to let out any property with an Energy Performance Rating of less than “E”?

If you have a property with an asbestos roof, that has an energy rating of “F” or “G”
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The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors state the life expectancy of asbestos roofs was around 25-40 years, which means that nearly all such roofs are now nearing the end of their expected life and that can be a big problem if you have large industrial or commercial premises.

However, recent advances in technology means that it is now possible to extend the life of most existing asbestos roofs by at least 20 years – with manufacturer’s and insurance-backed guarantees to match.

This is great news for s landlords and tenants of larger commercial premises, as it means that you now have more options available to you, rather than being limited to over-cladding or re-roofing.

In fact, we can offer advice on asbestos roof solutions that suit most commercial property budgets.

Our web site is the first port of call for other construction professionals and we are often asked to advise on issues concerning asbestos roof repair, refurbishment and replacement throughout the UK.

Call us with confidence today and we’ll do our best to help you to solve your asbestos roof problems.

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For larger commercial properties, we recommend a formal survey of the roof to determine the best options for your particular circumstances.

As Chartered Building Surveyors, we have conducted many such surveys throughout the UK, to help landlords and tenants understand fully, the implications of the various options available to them.

Although there is a cost involved in obtaining a professional opinion, it is usually cost-effective because of the independent and unbiased nature of the advice provided.

Roofing contractors are not likely to be unbiased since they will always favour the most profitable option for them, which is usually to replace the roof and consequently, the most expensive option for you.

Our roof survey will provide you with a detailed condition report with supporting photographs and a location plan, highlighting the areas of disrepair.

We also include budget-costed options for repair or replacement, allowing you to make an objective decision on what to do with your asbestos roof.

But our service doesn’t end at the presentation of the roof report. If required, we will optionally present the findings to interested parties and help you implement the recommendations within the budget prices provided in our report.

We regret that we are not able to assist domestic customers.

For more information and press enquiries, please call David Carter on 0121 711 7110 between 8:30am and 6:00 pm Monday РFriday.